About Us

Kurovero was created by couple of designers from Tel Aviv, Claire Golan and Or Biton.

The brands vision is that both genders can share clothes with each other in the most ideal way and create a high line clothing line for everyone.

The brand’s DNA is that every person can choose his own style every morning without giving a definition of sexuality and creating a sense of freedom.

Or Biton and Claire Golan is the founders and creative directors of the KuroVero Brand. The Israeli designers studied fashion design in Shenkar College in Ramat – Gan.

During Tel Aviv Fashion Week, Or and Claire met, the meeting led to a relationship between the two, and later for creating a common brand.

Together – they created a brand that connecting their business experience, brainstorming turbulent and creative – Characterizes the couple, and bring on a new SAY.


Or worked for 3 years at a men’s wear brand, during his work he presented his designs in fashion weeks around the world – Tel Aviv, Belgrad and Berlin. After working for another designer, Or decided he wants to bring himself to his own clothing line. He designed for men and women elegant suits by order with his own point of view.


Claire was a Stylist and Fashion Blogger since 2013. From an early age she studied in fashion design class and worked as a Personal Stylist and Visual Merchandise.When her Blog succeeded, she was exposed to the advertising industry and worked for many brands as Social and Digital manager (among other things at TBWA).


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